Recently, online, I viewed the killing of a man who was said to have committed apostasy. It was terribly tragic and gruesome. I seriously doubt I’ll ever forget it. Here, in Canada, that type of thing is unlikely to happen, of course. But I’ve had a nightmare about a jihadist holding my son at gunpoint, asking me if I’m an infidel. That type of fear runs deep.


David Copperfield, standing in front of the Eiffel Tower, pointing to MH370.

Needless to say, this never happened. (Mainly because now that billions of dollars were spent to find it, and millions of tears were shed for the people on the plane, he now realizes this was way over his head, got out of hand and has to secretly dispose of this airplane and hope it never comes out that he magically took it. And hope none of the survivors/participants ever speak about it.)


Trying not to listen too much to what the media has to say about Kurt Cobain, today. It’s not news, and we already knew about his artistic abilities, aside from his music. Feels like a money grab, somehow. “This will speak to our younger audience, make sure to show lots of shots of people crying when they first heard the news, 20 years ago.”